About us

Lucia NorritoBorn of an English mother and an Italian father, I spent the first twenty years of my life moving around the world with my family. Living in countries like Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Libya and Canada and going to international English-speaking schools helped to give me an eclectic and multicultural background.

However when I first moved back to Italy (in Southern Tuscany) in 1988 with the rest of my family, I felt I was ready to grow some roots - a gradual process which has been continuing steadily ever since.

While reversing the common order of things (travelling first and then growing roots) made life at times confusing and rather complicated, it has also given me the opportunity to gain a different outlook on Italy - Tuscany in particular – as compared to someone who has grown up here. It has allowed me to “slip in and out” of my national identity, sometimes looking in and sometimes looking out, depending on the circumstances. There are things I love about Italy and things I would love to see changed - but it’s a place I have learned to appreciate and understand instinctively as well as intellectually and I feel very much part of it.

This is why, after having worked in tourism for ten years, I felt a strong desire to develop a project of my own. Which is how Viaggi Senza Fretta - literally Tuscany Slow Travel - was born. I wanted to find a way of sharing all that I’ve learned and all that I continue to discover each day - and who better to share it with than fellow travellers, those of you who travel to learn, compare cultures and ideas as a means of relaxing and regenerating your minds, bodies and souls?

Such is my aim at Viaggi Senza Fretta - the activities and itineraries I propose are all based on my own personal research, interests and insatiable curiosity!

Exploring my own backyard has led to some fascinating and unexpected discoveries – regarding people, places, traditions and activities.  An intricate network which constitutes the heart of each and every experience that I, and the people I collaborate with, have put together especially for you.