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Read up on local cultures and learn a few words of the local language - travelling with respect earns you respect.

Remove all excess packaging  - waste disposal is difficult in remote places and developing countries.

Ask your tour operator for specific tips for responsible travel in your destination.

Ask your tour operator/hotel if there are useful gifts that you could pack for your hosts, local people or schools.

Ask your tour operator whether there are local conservation or social projects that you could visit on your trip, and if/how you could help support them. 


A selection of our offers


Sarteano + Cetona (Siena), Tuscany

Walking day tour with an enogastronomic twist! »

Take a leisurely walk in the countryside - and through the ages. Begin with a visit to one of central Italy's most ancient human settlements, dating back to the Bronze age; stop at a 14th century hermitage with a beautifully frescoed church; visit the charming hamlet Cetona; taste local extra-virgin olive oil and wine; visit a Franciscan convent - all in just one, leisurely walk!



Le Crete, Valdorcia and Valdichiana (Siena), Tuscany

Watercolor classes for beginners in Tuscany »

The gentle, rolling Tuscan landscape has always inspired artists from all over the world. So why not have a go at expressing your creativity and creating your very own little marsterpiece to take home with you as a souvenir? Elizabeth, a talented British artist who has been living and working here since 1997 holds fun and informal watercolor courses for beginners that are  suitable for everyone - couples, groups of friends and families with children. She will provide you with everything you need and courses can be held either at her studio or, if you're renting a house, directly at your rented villa.