Terme in Toscana - Hot Springs in Tuscany

Ever thought of including a regenerating stop at one of Tuscany's many spa destinations during your travels? The region is full of natural hot springs or ‘terme,' many of which date from Roman or even Etruscan times and whose waters, originating from deep within the earth's crust, have long been associated with curative properties.


Each individual spring has a different make up in terms of its combination of minerals and gases (gathered as the water courses towards the surface), so different ‘terme' are said to be beneficial for different conditions. Carbon dioxide boosts the immune system, for example, and sulphur-rich water is believed to be effective in the treatment of muscular and arthritic pain. Hotels have been developed around many of these springs, and while some have remained fairly modest affairs, others have turned into luxury spa resorts offering first-class accommodation and a myriad of treatments to compliment the thermal waters.



South of Siena lies Monte Amiata, an extinct volcano that is particularly rich in thermal activity. The warm, sulphurous waters at the tiny mediaeval town of Bagno Vignoni have been known since Roman times, and the Medici constructed a huge pool in the central piazza to contain the hot, bubbling waters. You can't bathe in the old ‘vasca' these days, but you can wallow in a modern thermal pool to the splendid backdrop of the Val d'Orcia. Just south of here lies Bagni San Filippo where, at a constant 42°, the water is even hotter. The steaming, sulphur- and calcium-rich waters are characterised by their opaque, electric blue colour, and the pool at the Terme is surrounded by natural waterfalls and whirlpools, a result of the unusual rock formations. Situated in the extreme south-eastern corner of Tuscany, San Casciano dei Bagni is home to a 5 star spa resort set in the glorious country side. Grand Duke Ferdinando I dei Medici came to this spot and built a large house, now the five-star hotel. In alterntive to the modern facilities you can also go for a walk along the panoramic footpath which leads  to the original ancient 'vasche' and 'lavatoi' - baths and public washrooms.
These are just some of the many thermal spa establishments in Tuscany, but there are plenty more...contact us for more details or click here to see one of our itineraries which includes the opportunity to swim in the natural hot springs of Saturnia!