Relax in Tuscany and Umbria - Basic Massage Techniques


You're finally on vacation and ready to relax - what could be better than taking the time to learn a few basic strokes to help alleviate neck, shoulder and back tension?

Silvano Villa, a professional and experienced massage therapist, will teach participants some very basic, safe and simple techniques that can be practised on partners, family and friends. No previous experience or equipment is needed. You will be surprised at how effective your touch will be just by following some very simple gestures.

Duration: half day or full day seminar. The atmosphere is friendly and informal - you're on vacation and the main objective is to allow you to relax as much as possible, and of discovering ways of protracting the benefits of your vacation even once you have returned home.

Lessons will be held at your rental holiday home either indoors or outdoors depending on weather conditions. Please contact us for further details regarding location.