Valdorcia and Maremma (Siena and Grosseto), Tuscany

Horse Trekking holiday in Tuscany


General Notes and Advice for the Trek

Saturday night arrival at the agriturismo and first consultation. We'll discuss how the trek is organized and where we will go, while you talk about your experience on horseback so that the guides will be able to match horse and rider.


ACCOMMODATION: there are two different types of accommodation on the trek, either farmhouse accommodation along the way, or sleeping in tents under the stars.


PIC-NIC: prepared each morning and packed in the saddlebags.


THE HORSE: assigned after a chat with the guide, who matches horse with rider. His or her decision is based not only on horse-rider experience but also on personality factors. On Sunday we'll take an all-day ride to try out the horse, tack and equipment.


THE TACK:  consists of a Western saddle with the addition of saddlebags for the transport of personal objects and the picnic.


DAILY RIDES: usually the duration of each day's ride is between 5-6 hours.

Your riding gear should be comfortable and most importantly, should not be brand new (especially footwear) since new gear often holds unpleasant surprises. The footwear should be comfortable not only for riding, but also for walking, with a hard sole that permits good contact between foot and stirrup. Footwear with a slick sole and very tight clothing should be avoided. The trousers should be comfortable and robust. You may also need a raincoat (available for rental at the Cornacchino), a hat for protection, a torch, a small knife, swimwear, and a sleeping bag; you should bring along a lightweight sweater for the evening. Your baggage should not be too bulky since there is limited space on the transport vehicle and in the saddlebags. Please avoid suitcases with a hard surface.

Your guide can provide basic medication and will take along a first-aid kit on the trek. Any health conditions that require special medication should be brought to the attention of the guide before departure on the trek. Anyone suffering from allergies should bring their own medicine, as those who are allergic to common medical remedies.


Overnight stays in igloo tents in campsites especially set up by us gives our guests a fascinating experience. They are situated far away from city lights and noise, allowing us to be fully in touch with our natural surroundings. Furthermore, the oppportunity to stay together around the campfire in the evening, gives each trek a unique quality, making the experience a true journey in every sense.
Traveling by horse is one of the greatest pleasures for any rider who loves nature. Helping to take care of the horses and sharing the camp chores completes this unique holiday experience.

GUIDES: two guides accompany the riders on horseback and another guide travels with an off-road vehicle and organizes the camp.


4x4 VEHICLE: transports all necessary equipment including our guests' baggage.


THE CAMP: consists of a large tent with chairs and tables which we use to eat breakfast and dinner, a tent equipped with a water tank which can be used for personal hygene purposes (used as a changing room/washroom), drinking water and igloo tents for two people equipped with comfortable mattresses (sleeping bags are not provided). For our horses, we supply a portable fence, horse feed and hay when necessary.


THE CAMP KITCHEN: we are equipped with a "kithcen trailer" which carries all necessary equipment (stove, refrigerator etc.) enabling us to prepare delicious meals which you can enjoy seated together under the dining tent.


For those who enjoy travelling on horseback but prefer to sleep indoors, we also organize treks using farmhouse accommodation along the way. The organization of these treks is the same as the one in tents, with the exception of dining and sleeping arrangements.






Days: 8 days and 7 nights with 6 days riding.



Itinerary: Cornacchino, Fiora Valley, Estrucan necropolis of Puntone, Albegna valley, Rocconi wildlife Oasis, Roccalbegna, Pescinello Natural Reserve, Mount Labbro, Cornacchino


Length: Approx. 150 km total; usually about 5/6 hours riding per day, divided between the longer morning ride and the shorter afternoon ride


Daily trips: 20 to 30 km


Difficulty: Medium


Main difficulties: Some mountain paths and river crossings may seem difficult but our horses are used to this terrain and know how to deal with it.


Main gaits: Amble, trot, gallop where possible.


Maximum Altitude: 1050 meters above sea level


Minimum Altitude: 150 meters above sea level


Routes: Predominantly field roads, ancient Etruscan roads hewn in tuff rock and gravel roads. This is a trek with impressive landscape which varies from mountain pastures, the forested Fiora and Albegna valley, tuff rock canyons to Saturnia's hot springs and the river leading from the spring.


The guides: One experienced guide rides with the group while the other travels with an assistant and takes the luggage to the overnight site, preparing the camp and fencing for the horses.


The horses: All horses are trained in Western riding and particularly fit for trekking.


The 4x4 vehicle: Allows us to move to the best suitable place for the camp, which is often set up in uninhabited areas. The 4x4 is always available to solve problems should they occur.


The camp: Is transported by the 4x4 and two assistants to the next campsite. It carries our luggage, the camp kitchen and a large tent used for serving breakfast and dinner, a tent used as a changing room/washroom, a water supply for personal hygiene, an electric fence for the horse pasture and igloo tents for two personseach provided with comfortable mattresses.


The picnic: Is prepared in the morning and travels in the saddlebags.


Dinner and breakfast: Are served under a large, comfortable tent.


Night-time: We sleep in igloo tents using your sleeping bag and our mattresses.


Saturday: Arrival and accommodation at the agriturismo. In the evening, meeting with the guide and the other participants to chat and get to know each other.


Sunday: Entire day on horseback to verify horse-rider compatibility, with picnic and return to agriturismo.


Monday (1st stage): From the agriturismo we ride to the Fiora river where we stop to have our picnic. After the break, we continue alongside the river until we come to our camp on its shores.


Tuesday (2nd stage): We leave the Fiora valley and reach the thermal springs in Saturnia by following the Stellata river of thermal waters which springs from the famous waterfall. Opportunity to swim in the hot springs. Afterwards we reach the Albegna River and follow it to the camp.


Wednesday (3rd stage): We'll ride through the hills of the Maremma region and visit the Etruscan necropolis (ancient burial grounds) of Puntone, where the remains of Etruscan tombs are surrounded by splendid sycamore woods. In the afternoon, we'll reach our campsite near Semproniano.


Thursday (4th stage): We'll return towards the high Albegna River valley where we'll stop for our picnic near Rochette di Fazio, a WWF oasis where the river spills out onto rocks eroded by the running water. In the afternoon we'll ride up towards Roccalbegna to reach our campsite inside the Pescinello Natural Reserve.


Friday (5th stage): We ride up to Mount Labbro and descend towards the Fiora River. Crossing the river we'll take an ancient road that connects Santa Fiora to Castell'Azzara, finally returning to the agriturismo in the late afternoon.


Saturday: Departure.