Le Crete, Valdorcia and Valdichiana (Siena), Tuscany

Watercolor classes for beginners in Tuscany

The gentle, rolling Tuscan landscape has always inspired artists from all over the world. So why not have a go at expressing your creativity and creating your very own little marsterpiece to take home with you as a souvenir? Elizabeth, a talented British artist who has been living and working here since 1997 holds fun and informal watercolor courses for beginners that are suitable for everyone - couples, groups of friends and families with children. She will provide you with everything you need and courses can be held either at her studio or, if you're renting a house, directly at your rented villa.


Typically, a lesson will begin at 9 am and finish by lunchtime. Lessons include some basic watercolour techniques and tips about composition and use of colour. They are geared towards beginners and materials include paper and the use of pencils, brushes, basic palette of colours, boards. 


Lessons can go from "one off" to weekly courses, depending on request. We propose watercolor because it's easiest to use outdoors but Elisabeth will be happy to arrange oil painting classes for those of you who prefer it.


Elizabeth is primarily a landscape painter influenced by the French Impressionists and Turner, she found the combination of the light and rhythms of the landscape of Tuscany the perfect enviroment for her work.

In her watercolours, she seeks to depict fleeting moments, sunsets, rolling clouds, misty sunrises and the effects  of light. In her oils, she seeks to depict the rich textures, colours and shapes of the landscape described by  dark shadows and intense light.